Monday, December 12, 2011

The High Heeled Workout ( The Recap)

The H2 Workout was a huge success. The ladies had a blast and were able to get a great workout in their best pair of heels. It was expected to see heels of all different sizes, colors and styles..But surprisingly, the majority of the woman chose the sky scrapper heels. Thats right, these young ladies where wearing 5 to 6 inches and NO LESS! You heard it correctly...Stilettos all day long.  They came fashionable, full of energy, and ready to get to work. 

To see the Full Length Video, click the link below. 

H2 Workout Video

Before we go into the bios of just a few of the participants, there are a few key people that helped make this event the huge success that it was. William Michael Reid, Publicist and Manager to Celebrity Trainer Shaun Spencer, was the key factor in the promoting of the event and securing the location for the event to take place. 

Next, we have business manager and owner of Decent Pieces and GNO (Girls Night Out), Jerrise Spencer. The sister of Shaun Spencer, she handled the registration and organization of the venue, along with organizing photographers and videographers. 

Jared Cameron aka Jay Cam, he is the co-producer and organized the few men whom came to support the event. There few gentlemen who came, followed Jay cam's lead during the event. Jay Cam was also feature in Crazy Core Concepts earlier this year as "Model of the Week" and can be seen a couple articles back on this site. 

Last but definitely not least, Fitness Model/Actress Lourdes Gonzalez also known as Lou Lou. She was the head figure and point of reference for all the woman in the event. Having been trained by Shaun Spencer for a number of years, she is all to familiar with his style of training and was pretty much able to read his mind and create the perfect set of drills for the H2 workout. Both Lou Lou and Shaun, sat and discussed the drills. When it was all said and done....Lourdes took control, had the woman strap on their 5 to 6 inch heels, and lead the woman into an outstanding workout. She had the recipe for a very sexy yet challenging workout, and it was amazing to watch. She was phenomenal and the ladies loved her. She is also features on this site as "Model of the Week". So feel free to check her out as well. 

Now lets talk about some of the participants at the H2 event. The crowd was composed of woman from all different backgrounds. Woman such as Designers, Models, Make Up Artist, Miss New York candidates, Business woman, etc. A nice variety which made for a fun time. Now, before I forget, we had a few special guests from the male gender that participated. How and did they where heels? Of course not. Trainer Shaun Spencer and Jay Cam, were clever enough to give the guys workouts that were comparable to what the ladies were doing at that specific time. Small in number, but these gentleman where just that....Gentleman. They helped the ladies and pushed them as they went through the workout. They had an awesome time as well. 

Now to the Good stuff. 

                                       Celebrity Personal Trainer "Shaun Spencer"

Business Owner "Jerrise Spencer"

Manager and Publicist "William Michael Reid" 

Fitness Model and Instructor "Lou Lou Starz" 

                       Special Guest Appearances from:

R&B Sensation "ALLURE "

R&B/Hiphop Artist "Blake Carrington"

Mr. Michael McVearry

A cool, calm, and reserved young man hailing from the town of Baltimore Maryland. New onto the fashion scene, he has begun to make his mark in Virginia, Dc, and now New York City. Within his first year, he has already shot with multiple photographers and walked in numerous runway shows. Towering at 6’5, it is hard to miss his toned physique and 5’oclock shadow. Michael takes his progress day by day, and to do things better the next day, then he did the previous. His motto is simple, “Stay lean, stay strong, and stay healthy”.  

When it comes to working out, his workout of choice is Circuits. He feels this way he can work quickly and efficiently, whether it’s a light or heavy day. Michael hopes that one day, when he is old, that he will be the new Jack Lalanne. HAHA!

Christopher S. McDonald

An amazing vidographer, he is a native of Bayonne NJ but was born in Queens NY. Specializing in video photographer for over 2yrs,  he has covered a variety of clientele ranging from models, to artists, to celebrities. Christopher or Chris as he likes it, says that he is his own motivation because only he can push himself to the limits and towards his goals. When it comes to fitness, he is a fan. Typically keeping himself in good shape so that he is capable of keeping up with clientele at events. Two of his favorite things to do are lift weights and go for a nice long run, preferably around the 2 mile mark. You can view Chris’s work on youtube at .

Kayleigh Gorman

Born and raised in New Jersey, Kayleigh is not new to Fashion and Fitness. Having modeled for over 3 years, danced for over 9 years, and even Choreographed for over 4 years, she is considered a well rounded powerhouse. Her drive and goals are to keep herself healthy and fit. Kayleigh is a strong-minded young lady and has gained a lot of respect. Not only because of the different talents that she has, but because she continues to perform those duties while having Type 1 diabetes. Because of that she dedicates her life to modeling and dancing.

Remember she stays fit as well…She like workout regularly and her favorites are Cardio Dancing, which consists of Zumba and the H2 (High Heeled) Workout.  Overall her goals are to make a difference in people's life and inspiring them to be the best they can be. Living life to the fullest.

Melody Maisonet

Melody is a native of New York City, born and raised. She put the true definition to big things coming in small packages. Melody wears many hats such as modeling, being an actress, being makeup artist, etc. Within all that, Melody is known for her six year modeling career all throughout New York. She is motivated by her love for Fashion, and the adrenaline she gets from hitting the runway. Melody stays fit and generally works on toning up her body and staying lean. Her favorite workout to date, although a killer on the legs, is the Stripper Squats she learned at the H2 Workout. Along with the fashion and fitness world, she is a full time college student and part time after-school tutor. Her goal in the future is to work towards opening her own youth program of the arts (Fashion, Music, Theater, Culinary, etc.)

 Cynthia Appiah

 Cynthia is another of the many talented woman who strive to make a change in society and in the lives she encounters. Although she is a resident of Albany NY, her roots and family are from Ghana with is located in West Africa. Some of the things she specializes in are modeling, the makeup field, and working as an actress. She also has a talent in dancing and loves to perform. She favorites are Hip Hop Dance and African Dance, which she has been doing since 4.

 Another thing that makes this young lady special is that she is currently in the running for Miss New York USA 2012, which will be held on January 13th through the 15th. So with that in her future, you can rest assured she has all the motivation in the world right now. When it comes to her fitness, she is a big fan of Core Exercises and loves to run. She feels she could lose another 5 pounds before the competition, so she is currently working on that within the next month and a half.

Natasha Lambkin

Natasha is a resident of Brooklyn, New York and was born and raised there.  She is another who likes to indulge in modeling, Makeup, being an actress, and also working as a fashion designer. She has been modeling for over 5 years, and is also has motivation built by being in the running for the Miss NY USA 2012 pageant.

Because of this goal, she works daily to get herself toned and keep the body slim and curvy. Some of her favorite workouts and drills include squats and lunges. As you can see, she is a fan of the lower body workouts and keeping her legs toned and strong. But in the end,  a healthy and fit lifestyle is all she desires.

Olga Maria

This multitalented young lady grew up on the island of Puerto Rico and moved to the United States in 2003 at the age of 18. Looking to escape the dreamy island for the fast-paced city life, Olga realized that she only found herself in a concrete jungle.  Olga’s independent spirit led her, first to Miami Florida, and then to New York City. Once in the US, she had many challenges. In addition to tackling the English Language, she had to learn how to maneuver through all the chaos and find her path. Other interesting and fun obstacles included climbing the Covadonga Mountain (Picos de Europa National Park) in Spain and the Great Wall of China….in heels!  Did you hear that, she did it all in HEEL! She that tells you she was perfectly at home when doing the High Heeled Workout. Olga is not just your typical fashionista, but a published poet and model whose personal mantra is “Living my Dream in Heels.”

Currently working as an Independent Publicist, Olga has worked at Bohemian Trails and as a Celebrity hair stylist & make-up artist. One of her favorite clients happens to be Carlos Otero. If that’s not enough for you, she also deals in marketing with Couture Fashion Week, My Lifestyle Magazine, Olympia Imports. For her fitness, she likes to hit the treadmills, elliptical, and a lot of core work. This is what keeps her energy up and keeps her looking good for the different events she partakes in.

LaShaye Moore

 When it comes to fashion, LaShaye is no rookie. A native of Harlem New York, she is more then just fashion and fitness. LaShaye is very well educated and received her degree from Hampton University. So with beauty comes intelligence as well. LaShaye has been modeling since since 15 years old but became more active in the alternative and urban industry while in college doing hair shows in Virginia, Atlanta and Washington DC. She has worked with a lot of up and coming designers as well as established designers.  Throughout the fashion world, she has graced the runway is shows such as Africa Fashion Week, Queen's Fashion Week, Fashion on the Hudson, the Harlem Week Fashion Showcase (Grants Tomb), Harlem Fashion Row, and have even accomplish hitting the runway of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010.

Now when it comes to fitness, LaShaye feels it helps motivate her mentally and physically throughout the day. Working out helps her clear her head and get her thoughts together while physically getting fit. She does her best at staying fit and works hard. When she feels a plateau in her workouts, she then seeks the training of Celebrity Personal Trainer Shaun Spencer, for a good solid routine and to get her body right to hit the runway. Some of her favorite workouts are Core specific drills, lower body work, upper body, and the bicycle. But her favorite to date, is dancing. Anything from Zumba to salsa, hip-hop to reggae…LaShaye indulges in them all as they provide a great total body workout. 

Jacqueline Gonzalez

Cool, Calm, and Beautiful is the best way to describe this young lady. Jackie was born on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic and came to the US at the age of 6. After getting to the US, she and her family settled in one of New York’s Boroughs, the Bronx. Have been raised here since 6 years old, she likes to think of herself as a Dominican-American.

Growing into a tall and lean stature, Jackie started her career while in college studying accounting.  She broke into the industry in 2002, as a Model, Actress, and MUA. She later   graduated in 2006 with a BS in Accounting.  At first Jackie wasn't interested in modeling but saw a casting flyer for a school show and decided to go. She got picked for the show and has been modeling since.  During the day she is a Senior Financial Accounting Analyst at The Riverside Church in Harlem.  In 2009 she became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

 What motivates and keeps her pushing in the gym is the fact that she loves to see the results that follow. She loves keeping her body in the best shape possible. She treats her fitness just as she treats her modeling. When it comes to her workouts, she tends to focus on toning and sculpting her body for modeling. She focuses on how her body looks and NOT what the scale says. Very important ladies. Two of her other favorites are Pilates and Spinning.

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