Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fitness Model of the Week

Silvia Jankova

Originally from Slovakia, Silvia Jankova is currently in New York City pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional model.  Only a few months in the modeling world, she is making her mark and has an outstanding portfolio already. With a combination of High Fashion, all the way down to Urban Fashion, Silvia has proven to be a versatile model and learning extremely fast. Her goal is to become a top professional model and working with different campaigns along with exclusive clients all over the world. 

Please do not think Miss Jankova is all fashion and style. There is another side to her. A side that really gets our attention as fitness enthusiasts.  Along with beauty, she is highly athletic and knows her way around the gym very well. From conversations with Silvia, her workout routines range from simple treadmill work, hard core abs, boxing, cross training, and aerobics. Fellas look out. She is strong and may embarass you in the gym. So be sure to not underestimate her and stay on your A game. She is a hard worker and it definitely shows within he physique and personality. 

So there you have it. Beauty, High Fashion, and Athletics...all in one. She is currently agency hunting and soon will be snatched up and put to work fast. A great young lady with a beautiful and tough spirit. 

Crazy Core Concepts