Friday, August 26, 2011

C3 Fitness / Miami Splash: Dive Into Fashion

Whewwww......Miami Fashion Week. What can I say? An outstanding weekend of events filled with Fashion Shows, Press Parties, Photo Shoots, Fitness Events, and fun in the sun. The location was South Beach, Miami Florida. This couldn’t have been a better place for the launch of Crazy Core Concepts first official Fitness Event. Under the direction of Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist Shaun "Olympic Trainer" Spencer, the event was a huge success. There were months of preparation and planning leading up to this day. With a Staff consisting of William Michael Reid (Manager and Publicist), Tashi Dallas (Administration and Media), The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club's Administrative staff (Hotel Accommodations), JaRed Cameron (Model/Actor and Team Captain), and Will Strong (Actor/Model and Team Captain), C3 was able to be very successful and produce a great event.

Now of course this could not have been done without my C3 / Team Miami Fitness Models. These young ladies and gentleman were handpicked for this project. C3 wanted not only people whom where great looking, but people whom were in great shape. So after choosing a team, from over 100 submissions, C3 set out for the warm waters South Beach, across the street from the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club. The workout started off by stretch and getting loose in the sand. It wasn't hard to get warmed up, considering the heat that Miami already brings. So once the team was ready to go, it was on from there. The team started out on the sand and slowly moved into the water for some water resistance drills. The main focus was to work on Stability, flexibility, and most importantly CORE Training.

C3 could not have done it without them. Thank you. 

William Michael Reid

Always working...
The Publicist and Manager who helped make all of this possible is William Michael Reid of Xpozure Modeling and Entertainment Agency, in New York City. A Harlem native, he is the man to call when it comes to publicity, events, designers, stylist, makeup artist, and more. With ties all over the country and even overseas, he was definitely the man for the job. Brilliant at what he does, he was the publicist and media guide through the preparation and execution of this event. A great man to know and a great friend.

Tashi Dallas

She was the eyes and ears of C3 for the weekend. She assisted with chosing the location for the event, prepping the models, equipment, and more. She also made sure the rest of the staff was on point and at the designated locations in a timely manner. Served as a great ambassador for Miami and was there when ever need, regardless the hour. Young ladies like that are priceless now a days. Thank you. 

Models involved are:

 Elaina Torres-Salinas aka 'The hidden Jewel" 

A beautiful young lady and new to the modeling world. She was born on January 26 in the city of Ft. Hood Texas, as a military child.  After being in Texas, her family moved down to Sunny South Florida, where she now resides.  While growing up being home-schooled by her mother, there was always an interest in modeling. Her mother began trying to get her into the modeling world to see how well she would do. Because of a divorced, she was forced to go to school and give up on her new found modeling dream, and take on bigger responsibilities.  After graduating high school she decided to make her own steps into the modeling industry.  Her main goal is to be a popular and desired model for many brands. One of her quotes was..."I'm not trying to make it famous like most people; I'm just trying to make it in life." With that humble mentality, she was on her way to being that new face in the model world. Since then she has worked in the industry doing things like swimwear lines, cosmetic company, commercial work, etc. Two of her other quotes are "Life Goes On" (which means, she will never look back but keep going forward) and "Laugh LOUD, Cry in silence" (which to means don't show people the weaker side of you). Great spirit.

In the summer of 2011, Elaina was chosen to be a part of Miami Splash: Dive into Fashion and also as one of the Fitness Models for Team Miami Fitness, sponsored by Crazy Core Concepts. She represented very well as you can see in the images. Great Spirit and hard worker. Because of some technical difficulties, she was unable to walk in the show. But she still hung around and showed the dedication and pride that could not be matched. Even though overlooked, her professionalism was one to be admired. That is why she was labeled the "Hidden Jewel".

Christi Shey

She is one of the most energetic and humble models of the weekend.  A 19 year old professional model/Actress living in Miami. Like most models, her passion began at an early age. Even at that age of 3, you could find her hanging out in her mother’s closet, dressing up in her stylish clothes and trying on every shade of lip sticks she could get her hands on. After which, she would then stand in front of the mirror and pretend she is posing for photos. 

As a little girl she was entered into the Miss Jamaica Florida Pageant and placed 2nd runner up. Although she had an amazing time during the pageant, she knew that pageants were not her center of focus. More was demanded.  

The next couple of years, she collected fashion magazines and developed a colorful mismatch sense of styling and would hope for the day she could be a “real” model. With this goal she began looking at agencies in her area. With not much luck at the time, her mother decided to take the role as manager for her. Or as she would like to put it, "Momager". From that point, the dynamic duo began researching shows and finding events in which Christi could be a part of.  In 2009, she did her very first photo shoot with a Miami photographer named Troy Richards. One she will never forget. 

In November of 2009, I walked into her very first runway casting which was a frightening experience. Standing amongst the many beautiful women in the room, her heart was beating a million miles an hour. Using the words, “I bet these are REAL models”. Feeling that she was outclassed she was prepared for the worst. Then there was an echo that reached across the room and passed her ears like light wind. It was the casting director calling her name. In shock, she looked around the room as if they were calling another Christi. Then she finally snapped out of it and realized they were calling her. She proceeded to walk towards the judge in her best model walk, got to the top, and a judge yelled out, “BRAVO BRAVO”. She was singled out by the director, which told the other girls….”This is how a REAL model demands the runway”. 

It was on after that and she began doing multiple shows, photo shoots, and became very confident. So you best believe when she was chosen for the Miami Splash event in South Beach, she came with the thunder.

Jay Cam

A great young man that was interviewed once before by Crazy Core Concepts. He is the Team Captain who helps everything fall into place. Hard worker, very well organized, and Go-Getter. He was a huge part of the organizing and location of Crazy Core Concepts in Miami. Check him out at Jay Cam on Facebook or look at the previous postings for images and contact info. "

Will Strong

 Another great guy whom is also a Team Captain and helped everything fall into place. He is what we call the Smooth Operator. He is an established Actor and Model in New York City that has done Runway Shows, Commercial work, Short Films, and more. A very hard worker, very well organized, and always under control. He played a huge part in the organizing Crazy Core Concepts as well.

Aasieya "Zara" Husain

A great young lady whom was nothing but energy on the beach, streets, and runway. Born and raised in Guyana, South America, Aasieya Husain is one of the new rising stars in the Fashion and Fitness world. Loaded with a great personality, drive, and determination, she sets herself apart from the other models. She likes to mention that she blows her candles out every year on May 24, which is her day. She is currently attending Marymount University, pursuing a degree in Accounting and Information Systems.  She also volunteers at the free clinic of diabetes, Jeanie Schmidt Free Clinic, and a non-profit organization, ACT NOW, whose goal is to abolish child trafficking. So as you can see, she is more than just a model or pretty face, she is also a public figure and loves to help others.
 At the age of 11, she was relocated to the United States and started doing fashion shows at her local mall during prom seasons. Since then she has competed in competitions such as NAM (National America Miss), and Ms. India/Dc Pageant. In 2010 she was crowned National Top Model for USA and placed in the top 10 finalist. 

Her dream is to win the Miss Universe title and walk the runways of the US, Paris and Milan. Her drive and passion for modeling started from a very young age.  Modeling, Acting and Pageants give her the opportunity to showcase her unique individuality and to gain the poise, confidence to make her dream reality.

Special Thanks go to her mother Salena Khan, and her aunt, Zalena Khan for all their love and support throughout her experiences. Of course, she couldn’t leave out family and friends either.


The youngest in on the team but far from a newbie, is Afiya Bennett. At only 16 years old, she is already on her way. She has had a passion for modeling since the age of 13. She attends Bedford Academy High School and is an upcoming senior. Not just a model but an athlete as well. She is an active volleyball player, as well as a dancer at Harlem School of the Arts. Afiya has walked in several shows in the last year including Lord and Taylor, Neiman Marcus Bridal Showroom, Harlem Fashion Week, Miami Splash, NFL Wives Fashion, many others. Within participating in these shows she has gained a tremendous amount of exposure. Her drive and motivation act as a light, and shines in every show that she does. 


Iryna Storozhuk (born 22 May 1985) is a Ukrainian model. She is of Russian descent from her mother and of Ukrainian descent from her father.
Born in Izmail, Ukraine's small navy city, she lived with her parents and older sister in an unpleasant post Soviet Union conditions. Her talent and beauty was noticed at the age of 15, after she won her school’s beauty pageant. Her never-ending dreams about modeling and world of fashion have produced the woman you see today. A great example of strength, faith, and perseverance.

Convinced by her parents that her life could not change for the better without education, Iryna left behind her passion for modeling and focused on becoming an accountant. But the world of fashion did not want to let her go that easily. Iryna modeled for local Ukrainian designers whenever she could get away from studying. Right after getting her bachelor degree in accounting at 21, she moved to Miami to pursue her dreams. Excited to work, she was a dream client for the Posche Models agency and was an inspiration for many American designers such as Eva Danielle, Francisco Azucar and Soldemar Beachwear.
She later became distracted. After getting married in 2007, she gave birth to a boy, London, on July 17, 2008. Soon after, Iryna's phone was ringing off the hook. She received the #8 spot in Ukrainian most beautiful women vote, and then Eva Danielle called to hire her for their big Miami Beach Fashion Week show.
Truly strong woman who lived through a difficult childhood in Ukraine, worked hard, had the strength to leave her family and native country to move forward,  and has become a successful model, loving mother and wife.


Model Alexandra Victoria was raised in Boca Raton, Fl. She currently attends college at Florida Atlantic University and will be graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Hospitality Management. For this 21 year old, modeling has been a dream since a little girl and has aspirations of one day being a Victoria Secret Angel. With this dream, Alaxandra knows she needs to keep herself in great shape and her ear to the ground for when that time comes. She aspires to follow the career paths of models such as Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. Alexandra has graced the runway for Betsey Johnson, Tahari Roque and Bullets 4 Peace along with many other great designers. She appeared for the first time in Miami Swim Week 2011 and has been the face of brands such as Fortune 421 Swimwear and Josette Couture Women's Jewelry. A strong, driven, ambitious, and determined young lady.

Mara Martin

This young lady was the first to be cast for Miami Splash: Dive Into Fashion. New to the Fashion Industry, she is a great young lady full of energy and personality.  She recently relocated to South Beach Miami from Monroe Michigan. A very small town that is not known for fashion at all. So she took a leap of faith and landed in Miami Florida. A great place to be.   So during this time she seeks out different castings and also photographers. At 5 feet 11, she stands out amongst all models.  She has done multiple photo shoots and definitely would get the away for most photogenic. She works hard, keeps herself in shape, and is ready for any opportunity that comes her way.

Crystal Lynn

Here is a young lady who is passionate about her craft and works hard. Raised in New Jersey, Crystal has been breaking her way into the industry over the last 2 years and has no doubt in her mind that this is what she was meant to do. From first glance she seems to be all fashion and beauty. But do not let that fool you. With a background of two nationalities, German and Italian, Crystal definitely stands out amongst the crowd. This would also explain her passion and drive for success. Historically speaking, individuals with German roots are noted for being very technical and tactical in their approach to success. Those with an Italian background are known for being very diligent and passionate about what they plan to achieve. 

She was a great addition to the show as well as the Fitness team. To find out more about Crystal Lynn, you can look at the below articles and find her. You definitely want to read more about her. 

More images of that Great Weekend. Thanks again Team.