Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Fitness Model of the Week"

"JaRed Cameron"

 With one of the most diverse backgrounds you can find in a young man this Bronx NY native has been moving to the top gracefully and swiftly. Having a background of African American, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Egyptian....JaRed Cameron caries a very interesting and exotic look that designers and photographers crave.  Wanting to be apart of the entertainment scene since childhood, its not hard to believe he knows how to play the piano, sings, familiar with Beethoven and Bach, danced to the tunes of Michael Jackson(as all we all did as kids), and lastly tap-dance. WOW..   

 Because of the level of difficulty and low success rate, JaRed felt he was at the crossroads and not sure whether to pursue acting as a career.  In a leap of faith, he went for it and set out to take head shots as soon as he could raise money. Immediately he was exposed to modeling, a talent he did not know existed. Since then he has participated in photo-shoots with multiple fashion photographers such as Karim Parris, Ben Arrington, Bryan Taylor, etc. 
JaRed featured in his very first fashion show with designer Ray Brown for Ray Vincente Collection,  in June of 2010  in New York. That show sparked a multitude of offers and castings for New York Fashion Week,  that upcoming September. Going into his very first Fashion Week, he was a part of 9 shows and was humbled by the entire experience.
Now lets talk fitness... This young man is in great shape, highly athletic, and very competitive. As a Fashion and Fitness model, Jared knows the importance of being toned and lean. Eating lower Carbs and higher protein throughout the day, he is able to maintain a slim and sleek physique that's conducive to Fashion and Fitness. Abdominal routines, cardio, and high repetitions are his secret. Some examples would be Boxing, Running, Old School Pushups, and Ab circuits with Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist Shaun Spencer aka "The Olympic Trainer". 

 Look for him in Sheen Magazine this July and also during Miami Fashion Week fashion show in Miami this July for ‘Miami Splash” with William Michael Reid, Ron Cooke, and Willie Hall.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Fitness Model of the week"

Fashion and Fitness Model
“Crystal Lynne”

Here is a young lady who is passionate about her craft and works hard. Raised in New Jersey, Crystal has been breaking her way into the industry over the last 2 years and has no doubt in her mind that this is what she was meant to do. From fist glance she seems to be all fashion and beauty. But do not let that fool you. With a background of two nationalities, German and Italian, Crystal definitely stands out amongst the crowd. This would also explain her passion and drive for success. Historically speaking, individuals with German roots are noted for being very technical and tactical in their approach to success. Those with an Italian background are known for being very diligent and passionate about what they plan to achieve.

Crystal is serious about her fitness and keeping herself in pristine shape for photo shoots and shows. After speaking with her, she mentions that currently her main focus is keeping her “Coke Bottle Shape”. So she works out daily with the P90x DVD program, sweating off the excess calories and staying toned. She also incorporates multiple crunches daily and strives for a clean diet.

Crystal is completely in love with being in front of the camera. Since she was a little girl, it was a dream of hers to be that beautiful woman in the magazines or on the magazine cover. Determination is what drives this young lady to achieve goals that others say are not possible. Proving the doubtful wrong and setting the tone. Crystal is hoping to become one of the most well known models in the industry as well as making a positive impact on people’s lives. Just the thought of making a difference in someone’s life, makes her happy. Crystal has appeared in numerous High Fashion Shows for well known designers such as Sisa Designs and has aspirations of being feature in Maxxim magazine. She has also appeared in many local and regional Bikini contests. Famous models that she has looked up to are Kendra Wilkinson and Adriana Lima.

“Kendra is absolutely gorgeous whether she is in sweatpants or all dolled up in a dress, She inspires me by being herself throughout all of the interviews and publications.”

“Adriana Lima is just beautiful; I would love to someday be walking down that runway, as she did, with a smile on my face showing everyone that I've achieved my dreams.”

6 Steps to that 6 Pack

          "6 Steps to Losing fat in the Abdominal area"

Intense Cardio: There is no way to target fat loss in only one area of your body. You need to lose the extra fat over the entire body collectively. Even if you workout hard and develop huge, rock hard abs, if there is still a layer of fat over them they will never show. Cardio workouts are exercises that raise your heart rate and induce sweating. Now what I mean by intense, I mean more then just walking on a treadmill, or riding a bike while reading a book at the same time. If you are able to read a book with no problems, then you may not be working hard enough. The workout needs to be slightly out of your comfort zone but controlled. Some examples would be sprinting, interval runs, bike riding, dancing and rowing.

Resistance training: These exercises help by forcing you to utilize multiple muscles at different effort levels. Resistance drills are great because some of the prime muscles involved in the stabilizing of these drills are your ABS. Elastic bands provide a great level of resistance and will force your core to activate during the Concentric (muscle flexing) and Eccentric (muscle relaxing) part of your drill.

Smaller Meals: Keeping your meals small and more frequently throughout the day tend to keep the metabolism stable. Avoid large dinners; these meals make it difficult to lose the fat you want because most people aren't very active after dinner. So that is why nutritionist tell you not to eat after a certain time. If you eat a heavy carb filled meal late in the evening, when the body is no longer active, there is little caloric burning going on. A lot of the food tends to be stored as fat.  Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are a great snack for the late evening. 

Eat breakfast. “The most important part of the day.” This is how you should kick start your fat burning day. Most people skip breakfast because they don't have time for it or just plain too lazy. According to researchers, it is said that the percentage of people who actually eat breakfast are as so:

18-34 (53%)
35 – 44 (55%)
45 – 54 (54%)
55-64 (71%)
65+ (83%)

What happens when people skip breakfast is that they try to make up for it with a big lunch. But because you hadn’t eaten anything in the last 12 hours or so, once you do eat, you become sluggish and tired.  Make the time to eat breakfast. Simple things like cereal and oatmeal do not take a long time to make and can set the tone for the day. All else fails, you are behind, and there is just no time…Look into breakfast bars. They can really make an impact. Even an apple or a yogurt is better than nothing.

Lift weights: Lifting weights is where it’s at. The more lean muscle your body has, the more calories your body burns. Studies show the lean bodies produce and maintain fast metabolisms. We have all seen that guy or girl in the gym that is slim and lean. You also notice that he or she eats what ever his/her heart desires. That is because with the amount of lean muscle that person is caring; their metabolism is running wild. Even when at rest, calories are being burned. So if cardio is the only exercises in your program, you could really be missing out. Add some weight and resistance workouts to your routine so that you can develop some good, lean muscle. 

Water Water Water: You definitely want to keep the water flowing through your system. Drink water before, during, and after your workouts. It keeps the body clean and keeps you hydrated.  Now there is such a things as too much water. Studies have shown the too much, especially during sweating, can dilute certain minerals in the body that are needed. Remember your body is made up of a delicate balance of minerals, salts, etc. The body is made up of approximately 60% water. So you must replenish what you perspire and also to keep a healthy flow through your system. Those who are really heavy sweaters, it would be good to replenish yourself with sports drinks or potassium rich fruits such as bananas and apples.