Monday, April 18, 2011

"Fitness Model of the week"

April Murphy...........Code name “Coach”

This young ladies middle name should be “Multi-talented”. April Murphy hails all the way from Austin Texas and is now making her mark in New York City. This woman’s journey began at the age of 5 as a Cheerleader for Taylor Pop Warner in Texas. Her love for cheer-leading followed her to middle school where she became the co-captain of the team along with qualifying as a All-star Cheerleader 2 years in a row. She later made the Taylor High school Varsity Cheer-leading team as a freshman. Upon entering High School as a Varsity Cheerleader, she also was on the Varsity Basketball Team all four years, played volleyball, and ran track as a sprinter and jumper.

After moving to New York in 2004, she volunteered as a cheer-leading coach at a local non-profit in the Bronx. After her first year, she be came the Co-founder of Fusion of Youth and the head coach for the Cheer/Dance/Step program. In addition to Fusion, April is a sports instructor at the Harlem YMCA and head cheer-leading coach at The College of Mount Saint Vincent. She is everywhere.

Lastly let’s not forget Fashion and Fitness. Outside of coaching, April indulges in fitness, print, and high fashion modeling. As you can see, she can pull off different looks and styles. She is in great shape, very athletic, talented, and a great leader. A real tough, competitive cookie who is the perfect role model for our youth of today. 

Crazy Core Concepts

Thursday, April 7, 2011

" The Top 15 Fat Burners"

Everyone always asks what they can eat to help them lose or burn fat. Well according to researchers, these are the top 15 things to eat that are lean and are good fat burners.

1. Whole Grain Cereal
2. Oats
3. Jalapenos
4. Habaneros
5. Cayennes
6. Green Tea
7. Coffee
8. Lean Beef
9. Pork
10. Chicken
11. Turkey
12. Salmon
13. Tuna
14. Sardines
15. Milk

Now this is in no specific order of course. Adding a decent quantity of these things will tremendously impact your workout and energy level. Remember not to take in too much. All things need to be done in moderation. Yes these are great for lean protein, but at the same time, too much protein the body will not be able to process for muscle and will be stored as fat. So keep a close eye on that. Enjoy.

Crazy Core Concepts.